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Enterprise Prospect
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Facing new historic opportunity, Hualu Group will regards fostering and improving enterprise core competitive force as core, relay on scientific and technical progress and management innovation, quicken converting development way, stress “high level, high quality and high efficiency”, on the basis of further reinforcing and improving existing industrial competitive force, make great efforts in fostering new strategic industries such as biologic manufacturing and biologic medicine, form new coal chemical and new chemical material base, antipyretics and analgesics, cardio and cerebrovascular medicine base, biologic medicine and new biologic material base and overseas capital operation platform (Hong Kong) by implementing large preparation strategy, product update strategy, research and development driving strategy and forming industrial groups and implementing breakthrough strategy and international strategy, and become large medical and chemical group with powerful control force, strong sustainable development capacity, outstanding core competitive force, domestic topping level China and certain influential force in the world.

Enterprise Prospect

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