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Park Construction
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In recent years, Hualu Group centers on improving enterprise core competitive force and developing main industries tightly, and drives industrial structure and development way conversion by park construction. Hualu Hengsheng Chemical Industrial Park, Xinhua Pharmaceutical Innovation Park, Xinhua Hutian New Area, Lukang New Area, Lukang Biologic Medical Industrial Park, Xinhua Shouguang Industrial Park and Lukang International Industrial Park rise above the ground, bring new power to enterprise development, and opens wide space to structural adjustment and industrial update of deeper level to the enterprise.


Hualu Hengsheng Chemical Industrial Park

Hualu Hengsheng Chemical Industrial Park, located in Dezhou City, Shandong Province, is mainly engaged in chemical products, and finishes production devices such as acetic acid of 400,000 tons, adipic acid of 160,000 tons and acetic anhydride of 100,000 tons. In future several years, the park will regard industrial development as guide, expand and extend topping product industrial chain, mainly develops various products such as butanol-octanol, melamine, DMAC, glycol, ethylamine and isopropylamine, form relevant industrial groups such as hydrogen peroxide series, melamine series and organic amine, and form advantage complementary and harmony development of four industries of new material relevant industry, organic amine, acetic acid and its derivative and fertilizer.

Park Construction

Xinhua Pharmaceutical InnovationModern Park

Xinhua Pharmaceutical InnovationModern Park, located in Zibo Development Area, Shandong Province, has floor area of near 30,000 square meters and total building area of over 40,000 square meters. The park has domestic advanced medicine technical center, new medicine research and development center, postdoctoral research station, etc, realizes level promotion of research, development, incubation and industrial extension and organic integration of new resources, and is a modern comprehensive medicine research and development with complete function and international level.


Park Construction


Xinhua Hutian New Area

Xinhua Hutian New Area, located in Hutian, Zhangdian District, Zibo City, Shandong Province, is dedicated to the API production for the special therapeutic use and veterinary drug. Its main planning products include aspirin series of 15,000 tons, paracetamo series of 10,000 tons, analgin series of 10,000 tons, hormone series, multifunctional workshop for the newly developed generic APIs. At present, the project for aspirin of 15,000 tons is under construction.


Park Construction


Lukang New Area

Lukang New Area, located in Jining City, Shandong Province, mainly develops high additional value and technical dense type biologic medicine ferment products and biologic medicine products such as spectinomycin series, 7-ACA, lovastatin, natamycin and rosiglitazone. In future several years, the area mainly develops semi-synthesis antibiotic raw medicines and preparation products, uses new technology and new techniques, takes the road of connotation type development, and makes semi-synthesis products such as mezlocillin, azlocillin, ampicillin sodium, amoxicillin, ceftriaxone sodium and cefpiramide larger and stronger.


Park Construction


Medical Industrial Park

Lukang Biologic Medical Industrial Park, located in native place of Mencius -Zoucheng City, Shandong Province, mainly develops human raw medicine, medicine intermediate, amino acid, new biologic material, animal and plant medicine, etc. The first stage is planning to build annual output with L-tryptophan of 2,000 tons, liquid sugar of 60,000 tons, 7-ACA of 2,000 tons, tylosin of 2,000 tons, salinomycin of 10,000 tons, tiamulin of 300 tons and PHA of 10,000 tons, and to form important biologic medicine base in China.


Park Construction


Lukang International Industrial Park

Lukang International Industrial Park, located in Jining High-tech Development Area, Shandong Province, has floor area of over 1,000 mu, uses Shandong Lukang Zhonghe Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd as legal person, and develops environmental engineering plot energetically; it uses Shandong Lukang Biologic Technical Development Co., Ltd as legal person, further perfects Lukang scientific research and development system, and provides support and guarantee for finishing “The Twelfth Five-year” program to Lukang.

Park Construction


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