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Hualu Holding Co., Ltd is sole capital state-owned company established by Shandong Provincial People’s Government, and is authorized capital operation institute for state-owned asset after approval. The former name of the company was Hualu Co., Ltd, which was registered and established in Hong Kong in October 1985.It was the first sole capital company established overseas by Shandong Province, and was the window company of Shandong Province for doing economic and trade activities in Hong Kong. In January 2005, Hualu Holding Group Co., Ltd was registered and established in Shandong Province, and implemented management system of parent -subsidiary company.


Since its establishment, the company insists on operation principle of “regarding honesty as basis and establishing by credit” all the time, relies on capital operation to increase strength and reform management to improve vitality. It realizes a successful transformation from trade type company into comprehensive type group company, and is developed into large enterprise that is engaged in coal chemical industry and medical industry as well as various fields including international trade and real estate. The company has 6 sole capital subsidiary companies such as China Shandong Group (Hong Kong), Shandong Hualu Group, Shandong Hualu Hengsheng Group, Shandong Xinhua Pharmaceutical Group and Shandong Lukang Pharmaceutical Group, 3 listed companies, 4 stocks, 16,000 employees and total asset of over 20 billion Yuan. The company owns the largest DMF (dimethyl formamide) producer in the world, the largest febrifuge and pain easing type medicine production base in Asia and important nitrogenous fertilizer, heart and cerebrovascular medicine, antibiotic and biologic pharmaceutical production base in China.


Hualu Holding Co., Ltd   
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