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Honor certification


Various production enterprises of coal chemical and medical industrials of the group pass authentication of systems such as quality management (ISO9001), environmental management (ISO14001), measurement management (ISO10012), food safety (HACCP), occupational health and safety management system (OHSMS), good supply practice (GSP) and good manufacturing practice (GMP), 7 products such as theophylline, ibuprofen and AIV pass American FDA authentication, 11 products such as aspirin, analgin, tylosin and spectinomycin obtain COS certificates for entering European Union markets, caffeine product passes social duty authentication and environmental authentication of American users, and they create good conditions for the products to export.

The group now has 1 China top brand of “Friendship Brand” carbamide, 8 top brands of Shandong Province such as pipemidic acid tablet and amoxicillin capsule, 2 China famous trademarks of “Xinhua” and “Lukang” and 3 famous trademarks of Shandong Province such as “Xincatlor”. Trademarks “Xinhua” and “Lukang” are selected as exporting brands for key fostering and development by Ministry of Commerce at the same time.



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